Aspire Park

Welcome to Aspire.

Aspire offers a combination of special experiences throughout the park. In coordination with the rich cultural and industrial history of Clinton, Aspire benefits from having a rare combination of the unique landscape attributes of Mountain, Meadow and River, all at one place. The land Aspire is built on was donated to The Aspire Foundation.

Aspire Amenities
• Grand Entrance
• Xchange Pavilion
• The Groves
• Bark Park
• Service and Sacrifice Memorial
• Access to the Clinch River via The Launch
• The Wildflower Meadow
• The Great Lawn
• Onward and Upward Center
• The Aspirational Experience
• Dual Convention Spaces
• The Pearl Restaurant and Outdoor patio
• Age designated Playgrounds
• 18 miles of hiking and biking trails
• Outdoor seating
• Clinch River Greenway
• Pump Track and Bike Skill areas
• Wedding and outdoor Event Venues
• Multi-Modal path connectivity into Downtown Clinton

Aspire offers an assortment of exceptional landscape experiences unavailable almost anywhere else within a single park venue.

From the striking flatness and textures of the Meadows, to the dramatic topography of the Mountain ridges and gullies, the landscapes of Aspire are truly inspiring. They are beautiful, they are challenging, they are rich in culture and history, and they offer a wealth of natural assets and educational opportunities.

The industrial and cultural history of the River corridor and the wild river ecology of the Island marshes will make the park one of the most noteworthy public recreation venues in the South.


New park announced for Clinton described as 'experience'

CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) – The city of Clinton will soon be getting a new park that its creators call an “experience.”

The Hollingsworth Foundation is working on building Aspire just south of the downtown Clinton area in Anderson County. It’s just an empty plot of land now, but it will soon be complete with 18 miles of hiking and biking trails, a dog “bark” and activities along the river that include kayaking and canoeing.

The foundation also hopes to build multiple wedding venues and say it will be ideal for a convention. They say it’s a way to give back to the community.

“My family decided that they wanted to give something to the community that will be longstanding,” said foundation president Joe Hollingsworth Jr. “We want it to be an experience incorporating the historic part of the area and the individuals that influence the area, so we’re going to memorialize some of their stories in the process to increase the experience level.”

Hollingsworth says Aspire has been an idea for around 11 years and they hope to break ground this fall.

Massive multi-amenity park planned for south Clinton

CLINTON, Tenn. — An empty plot of land in South Clinton will soon become a 450-acre park called Aspire.

The Hollingsworth Foundation, a Clinton-based nonprofit, has been waiting at least a decade to build a massive park on the site with all sorts of amenities.

“It just seemed like it was a diamond that needed to be polished,” said president Joe Hollingsworth, Jr.

The foundation owns 170 acres of land in Clinton, just south of the river and downtown.

Next to that land, two islands sit in the river, and TVA owns 239 acres next door.

Hollingsworth is working with TVA to use its land, and combine it all into 450 acres of outdoor recreation space.

“They’ve been very nice to try to work with us on a recreation easement allowing us to do 18 miles of trails, mountain bike trails, hiking trails of various intensities all across the mountain,” said Hollingsworth.

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This is the weekend to learn about Aspire

This is the weekend.

The field has been mowed, parking has been arranged, amenities arranged.

And the biggest item on the day’s menu is a dream turning into a reality: Aspire Park.

On March 23, with a rain date of March 30, the public is invited to check out the proposed plans and walk around the site from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. There will be free food trucks, activities for kids and people on site to answer questions from the public.

“It is a big undertaking,” Hollingsworth Foundation Executive Director Mike Wallace said. “And it’s moving really quickly.”

As The Courier News reported last week, it’s long been a dream of the Hollingsworth family to contribute to a park that would improve the quality of life in Clinton, according to Joe Hollingsworth.

“We wanted this be a component to the recent Clinton Vision and a true experience that would repeatedly attract local appreciation and some national recognition,” he said. “Additionally, we wanted it to highlight some of the local historic stories to give a texture of the community to those who enjoy the park.”

The proposed park goes from the driving range on Yarnell Road all the way down to the river, then up the hill. Around 170 acres are privately owned by the Hollingsworth Foundation, and the remaining land Wallace and Joe Hollingsworth want incorporated into the park belongs to the Tennessee Valley Authority. That land is already used as public land. The islands, too, are owned by TVA.

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